That's All, Folks! 初 chü 三 sän ~初 chü 五 wŭ

That's All, Folks! 初 chü 三 sän ~初 chü 五 wŭ

Now that the daughters and sons-in-law also visited the families, the modern day Chinese New Year celebration also reaches the intermission.  I don't want to put 'the end' here, since there is a grand finale on the 15th, and also 'the end' is not 'auspicious' during the new year celebration.  Still the holiday is about to wrap up, let's take a look at the remaining days - before everyone goes back to work.

I'll do this by the coherent idiom for the day, so as to enrich the poor content.
初 chü 三 sän 睡 sùi 到 dào 饱 băo
After the New Year's Eve all night celebration, the first day of the New Year house calls around relatives and friends, and the second day returning to the parents (parents-in-law) for the treat, it is about time to get a break from all the running around.

This is the day you get to sleep in.  Our ancestors said that it was because the rats were having their weddings today, so in order not to disturb them, everyone in the house must keep quiet and keep the activity to the minimum in order to show respect.  Of course this is just a good excuse for not doing anything at all for the day and truly rejuvenated from the whole three days of hard working.  It also is a break to get ready for unfolding of a year's work.

Imagining that all people in the picture are rats. How interesting it can be!

初 chü 四 sì 接 jïe 神 shén
Oh, yes, they are back!  We send back to report what we did last year, and today is the day they come back for another year of observation and blessings (and otherwise, if you deserve it).  This is the day you would hear the long string of firecrackers blasting right from the first hour of the day.  After all, it's definitely a plus to show some earnest in receiving the gods home. 
Interesting enough is that this day is normally a rainy day.  The gods come down with the rain to bless the land.  Sounds quite biblical as well.
初 chü 五 wŭ 隔 gé 开 käi / 开 käi 工 göng
It took me years to finally understand the meaning of 隔 gé 开 käi, at first I thought it meant the separation between the married daughter and their parents.  Well, the true meaning is not too far off, this is the day the new year celebration is over and people return to their regular work posts.

That is why in the modern days, the day is addressed as开 käi 工 göng 日 rì- which is more plain to the sight that meaning is perceived without further elaboration.
All right.  So this is it.  We are off for another year's of hard labor.  May you enjoy the fruit of your work.  恭 göng 喜 xĭ 发 fä 财 cái!!


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